Best Blockchain App Development Companies In the USA 2022

8 min readFeb 25, 2022


Blockchain is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger system that is constantly evolving.

One of the main advantages of Blockchain technology is that this digital ledger can be accessed among thousands of computers and from any location.

In the financial industry, Blockchain technology allows players to engage directly and conduct transactions through the internet without the involvement of a third party. These Blockchain transactions do not divulge any personal information about the participants, and they produce a transaction record by encrypting the identifying information.

The most interesting aspect of Blockchain is that it significantly minimizes the chances of a data leak. In contrast to traditional methods, Blockchain utilizes several shared copies of the same database, making a data breach or cyber-attack more difficult to perpetrate.

Blockchain technology has the potential to change different business sectors by making operations smarter, safe, transparent, and efficient because of its fraud-resistant properties.

As a result, the demand for blockchain applications has skyrocketed. Businesses and corporations may use blockchain apps to track and trace their items as they travel across the world.

A few examples of Blockchain Apps are- TraceDonate, Burst IQ, KYC-Chain, Chainyard and Voatz.

Real-time benefits of blockchain Technology for App development-

  • Increased time effectiveness owing to real-time transactions
  • Direct transactions remove overheads and intermediate expenses.
  • Cybercrime, fraud, and tampering threats are reduced.
  • More transparent processes, with sufficient record-keeping and tracking.
  • Cryptographic and decentralized Blockchain technologies provide a high level of security.

Hence, it is crucial to select a suitable Mobile App Development Company that specializes in Blockchain Technology and understands its applications. Since the selection process can be overwhelming and laborious, we have curated a list to help you find the perfect fit for your project.

Top Blockchain Development Companies In The USA

  • Antier Solutions-
Home Page Of Antier Solutions

Antier wants to help you at every step of the blockchain adoption process, from design thinking-driven evaluation of blockchain solutions from many perspectives through pilot development and execution. Businesses will benefit from forward-thinking ideas, thorough research, and one-on-one consultancy.

Facts About Antier Solutions

Antier Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a blockchain development company that provides services such as cryptocurrency exchange and wallet development, P2P lending platform development, ICO/STO/IDO, coin development, crypto banking solution, DeFi development, NFT development, and other blockchain-related services.

  • 3 Advance-
Home page of Company 3 Advance

To them, an ‘app’ is a user-friendly and straightforward application. It might be a native mobile app, a Progressive Web App (PWA), or a web application — customized user experiences in areas where opportunities exist, such as SaaS or Blockchain.

Facts about 3 Advance

They’ll assist you with creating your first product and walk you through the obstacles of app development, from user experience design to creating a Minimum Viable Product. They’re dedicated to getting you to market faster and at a reasonable cost.

  • Kalapa design studio

They’re a cutting-edge cryptocurrency design and consulting firm that provide digital solutions that help businesses transform.

Facts about Kalapa Design Studio

Kalapa Design Studio achieves significant outcomes by creating unified user experiences and having a distinct approach to design and innovation.

  • Arc touch-

For the connected world, they create apps and develop technologies. Mobile and voice applications, websites, blockchain, and IoT smart devices are all areas of their expertise.

Facts About Arc Touch

Strategy, UX/UI design, engineering, DevOps, QA, and support are some of the services they provide.

  • Science soft-

ScienceSoft is a 32-year-old IT consulting and software development firm based in the United States. IBM, eBay, Robert Half, Viber, PerkinElmer, Ford Motor Company, and other well-known firms are among ScienceSoft’s clientele.

Facts About Science Soft

Healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, telecommunications, education, oil and gas, and other sectors are among the areas for which they provide software solutions and IT services. Web and mobile developers, system and integration architects, cloud experts, QA, security and DevOps engineers, and data scientists are among their 700+ expertise.

  • AEStudio -
Home Page Of AE studio

AE Studio focuses on development, data science, and designing and collaborates directly with entrepreneurs and CEOs to build world-class and empowering products.

Facts About AEStudio

They offer complete product design, development, and data science services. If you require a CTO, they can serve as one or connect with your existing team.

  • Frenchy digital-

Frenchy Digital is a black-owned and women-led mobile app and blockchain asset development company. Their international offices enable them to assign the finest delivery team to provide the highest quality product in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Facts About Frenchy Digital

They believe in the potential of technology for good and prioritize their clients. They strive for delivering world-class mobile solutions and applications for the future experience that every user wants and every business requires.

  • L + R

L+R is a design and mobile technology studio as well as a strategy consulting organization with offices all around the world. This multi-award-winning team turns ideas into action.

Facts About L+R

Their cross-functional team specializes in go-to-market strategies, next-generation mobile apps, web3 projects, and brand identity systems.

  • TekRevol-

It is a ‘Silicon Valley’ startup, launched in 2014. It focuses on offering startups and businesses innovative digital solutions, such as the modern design and development of apps, websites, games, and e-commerce platforms.

Facts About TekRevol

The organization promotes creative problem-solving and a dynamic approach to problem-solving, with an emphasis on increasing client happiness.

  • Dev.Pro

Dev. Pro is a software engineering organization that uses outsourced expertise to assist digital companies to achieve their growth goals.

Facts About Dev.Pro

They have more than 600 highly qualified professionals. decade-long dependability and expansion. A high percentage of recurring and referral business comes from happy customers and more than 200 projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blockchain App Development (FAQs)

Q- Which Industries have the most potential to incorporate Blockchain Technology?


  • Financial Services
  • Industrial Products and manufacturing
  • Energy and utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail and consumer
  • Entertainment and media

Q- Which are the Most Popular Blockchain Platforms in 2022?


  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • Hyperledger
  • OpenChain

Q- What are the Time and Capital Required to develop a Blockchain Application?


  • The time taken is determined by a variety of factors, including the client’s and company’s locations, the platform, and desired features. A small project may take 1 to 2 months. then more complexity usually takes 2 to 4 months to complete. A complex system with an enormous network of users and endless transactions, on the other hand, can take up to 6 months to finish.
  • The cost of building a blockchain application can range from $10,000 to $300,000. Infrastructure, data structures, SDK, encryption, framework, storage capacity, P2P network, and other factors all influence cost. In addition, the blockchain development agency’s competence, knowledge, location, and team size.

How to choose a company for outsourcing with the help of GoodTroopers?

Here is a walkthrough of how GoodTroopers can help you choose the most suited blockchain development agency for you.

  • Project Requirement — Tell us about your project’s requirements and goals, and then sit back and wait for us to discover the right firm for you.
  • Introducing our top picks- based on their ‘Trust Score,’ we will handpick three highly relevant talents to satisfy your project needs after researching your project specifications.
  • Project Briefing & Proposal- Once you’ve decided on a firm, we’ll set up a meeting for you and them to talk about the project. If desired, you may also complete the project milestones and associated payments here. You will transfer the complete money into an escrow account with us after the project has been locked in.
  • Releasing Payment- As the project progresses and the developers begin to mark off milestones, we will make payments.


The U.S.A based firms specializing in blockchain technology have been included in the list after thorough research and a strenuous selection process by the experts at GoodTroopers along with considering the said companies’ missions and policies, services, and specialties, pricing model and location, google ranking, user reviews, etc. Combined with our vetting Process and personal guidance, choosing the best firm for your project will be much easier and more time-effective.

The companies appearing at the top of the list are by no means better than others in the list. Additionally, we would suggest conducting your own analysis before taking a pick. Lastly, these companies hold global ranks and reputation but if you still have a suggestion that could be added to this list, feel free to let us know.